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HVAC Energy Load Professional

As an HVAC Energy Heat Load Professional with over 30 years experience in the service field, facility maintenance, architectural design, mechanical engineering, we are now providing accurate and correct Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations. Our attention to detail and specialty, is to Help you understand what the building departments are requesting of you and assure Peace of Mind. 

Manual J has been around for years and took engineers weeks to complete. Thanks to technology this innovation has provided the means to accelerate J, S & D in hours. One of the issues today, is software companies will sell to Anyone. However, mastering Wrightsoft Manual J software, coupled with hands on experience in the field, the results are a balanced home ready for entertaining for Holidays, Birthdays, Family Events and Company. 

Bigger is better in many situations, except HVAC. An oversized AC will (what is called) "short cycle". This happens when the AC is too large and "satisfies" the thermostat but not remove the humidity. Humidity holds heat, the AC is designed to transfer the heat to the outside of your home.

Thank you for visiting and I hope Manual J Help has educated you to feel confident  in your decision to move forward as Your Personal Consultant

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Tel: 772-226-0105 

Ken Puzinas

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