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Manual J Help

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- Confused what an Energy Calculation &     Heat Loss Report is???

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   Welcome, When the Building Department requires a Manual J (Heat Load Calculation), most clients and inspectors are unsure what to expect or how reports are read. Manual J has two calculations, a Block Load and Room x Room. Block Loads are calculated on the envelope of the building (whole house). A Room x Room has a higher accuracy,  provides the CFM per room and is easier to preform a duct design.

     Building department inspectors, need to be specific in their requests. Whenever in question of which Manual J, always refer back to the building department. Please note, every department is different in their requests, every inspector is different and open to interpretation. Through all the confusion, our utmost desire is to help you understand and assure Peace of Mind.    


     Please note, Manual D must accompany a Room x Room calculation. Manual D can be calculated alone, however, the design CFM must be submitted. To know what the cost will be, click on the Design Price Matrix and choose the service(s) you require.

    Rest assure, with 30 years in the field of HVAC, Architectural Design, Mechanical Engineering and proficient with Wrightsoft (an accredited ACCA approved software), correct calculations are provided. Our designs assure your HVAC system will work even when your home is at full capacity when the Holidays and Family Gatherings come rolling around.


      Get Started today! Click the PFD's below, download, upload your plans and email to

Manual J Form 

Block Load,  

Room x Room


Fl. Form 405

Manual D Form 

Duct Design

Design Calculation Price Matrix



Providing Correct Heat Load Calculations


#1 - Block Loads

"Whole-House" calculation

is just the envelope, one page with Total BTU & CFM.

No plans are required just Complete the Manual J form.


#2 - Room x Room

is the most accurate calculation, provides CFMS per room

and simplifies duct size calculation.

# 3- Envelope of Building

 Florida Energy Form 405

Manufacturer Equipment 

Certifies the compressor, coil

and furnace or electric strip .

It is then sent to AHRI to be

rated and receive a Number.

Missed matched equipment

cannot receive a Manual S.

Duct Designs

are directly related to the

Room x Room calculation. 

Stand Alone Manual D, can be achieved if the total design CFM is submitted. 


The attention to detain and experience  has helped us to trust the correct  sizing of our AC versus the contractors  who's wide range of  tonnages was very confusing .

- James Hart NJ

I have dealt with with Ken numerous times  and think he is tremendous at helping obtain my permits.  I perfer he handle all my calculations

Brian Murdock, RI

No one has taken the

time to explain how to read the reports. We have had a few calculations done, only to end up with issues.  We found a true professional,  providing manual J help.  Thank you!

- Jaime Smith FL



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1405 82th Avenue #281

Vero beach, FL 32966

For more information


Our Process

Step #1 - Complete the Manual J / Manual D form

Step #2 - Review or download our Pricing Matrix

Step #3 - Turn around time is 2-3 days (under normal                             circumstances)

Step #4 - Upload your plans, add the forms and email 

Step #5 - Upon completion and Invoiced click on PayPal 


Tel: 772-226-0105

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